Thursday, July 28, 2011

Recharge Your Slow Running Computer

Windows computers all have a registry. It is really important to keep this registry in top working condition for best performance. The Windows registry is a very large information database which holds all the data and files needed for running your computer. The computer's operating system uses this database continuously as you use the machine. The registry as a result is one of the busiest parts of your computer.

Over time while the computer is in use many fragments of useless data will build up in the registry. This can't be avoided and takes place in all Windows computers. This surplus data results from incomplete downloads of programs or from incomplete uninstallation of programs. Miscellaneous data fragments are left in the registry.

Unused drivers, useless shortcuts, nasty spyware, space hogging adware and a lot more assorted junk material. Accumulation of this useless data bloats and chokes up the registry making it very hard for the operating system to locate the files needed to run the computer. The registry is now loaded full of errors which cause problems such as freezing, slow running, and perhaps even complete crashing from time to time.

This poor computer performance can become quite annoying, and it finally becomes obvious that something must be done to end this problem. The registry needs to be cleaned of all the junk, and brought back to good running order. There is fortunately an easy way to accomplish this.

Registry repair programs are available for downloading online. Quality registry cleaner programs offer you a free scan to find out if there really are problems with your registry. A report of these problems will be given to you, and you can then repair the registy using the application, should you wish to do this. The registry cleaner tool will now backup your registry and then edit out all the problematic material.

The computer is quickly returned to smooth and fast operation as it was when new. A variety of registry cleaner applications is offered, and we acquired and ran tests on the most popular programs. We discovered that there was considerable variation in ease of use and job performance with the various offerings.

The really outstanding program was REGEASY which found roughly 50% more errors than did some of the other applications, and then corrected them safely and easily. REGEASY of course was then the application which we installed on our own computers to keep the registry tuned up and running well. We run REGEASY regularly and hence keep the registry in good operating order and the computer running smooth as silk. Take a look at our website where you will find plenty of free info and resources:

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