Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Should I Try Cleaning The Registry Myself?

When your computer registry is swollen with a load of excess material, which is uneccessary, this will result in your computer slowing down greatly. You will find that you have slow boot up, slow surfing and freezing. The occasional complete crash may also result.

The only thing to do is to fix your registry problems by cleaning out the unwanted data. This one step alone will greatly improve your computer's performance. The next big question now is how to go about finding the best registry fix. There are various programs available on the internet, for download, which will perform this work for you quickly and easily. We tested six of the most used registry repair applications and reported the results on our website. You can also get a free scan to find what your problems are. Then you can decide if you need registry repair software.

You can, if you wish, fix a corrupt registry yourself by manually removing the unwanted data. If you have a very good knowledge of computers and what should and should not remain in the registry you should have no problem in doing this. However most average computer owners have little idea at all of what an unwanted entry may be. Randomly editing out data can have disastrous results. Your computer could be totally disabled or some programs may not run.

Unless you know very well what you are doing we suggest that you should not try to do this yourself. The relatively small cost of having the job done safely with a Windows registry repair utility is definitely worth while rather than taking the risk of serious and irreversible errors. The best registry cleaners can perform the task quickly and safely. We found that REGEASY was the best registry repair tool in our tests. We suggest that you should first of all get a free scan to determine what problems you may have. This scan will work for all Windows versions including Windows 95,Windows 98,Windows Me,Windows 2000, Windows 2000 Professional,Windows XP,Windows XP Professional,and Windows Vista. Just click REGEASY:

Friday, August 14, 2009

My Computer Is Running Slowly

When your computer has slowed down in operation very gradually over a period of time a likely reason is a hard drive which is overloaded with programs.

Most of us download a lot of stuff from the internet either for business or for personal entertainment. Some of these programs can be very big these days.Since 300 and 400 Gigabyte hard drives have become popular many programmers have created very large programs. It is not uncommon to see programs of 50 megabytyes in size and can be a lot bigger.Twenty or so programs of that size will take up a gigabyte or more of room on your hard disc.

Few of us will limit ourselves to just twenty programs. Besides that you have all the usual applications using hard drive space. Email,photos and pictures,audio and biggest space hog of all--videos. Even a pretty big hard drive can over a year or two become pretty near fully loaded. You will then run into problems with slow operation of your machine.

The cure is quite easy--just have to uninstall a lot of material which you seldom or never use. All of us have programs which we downloaded because they seemed to be really worthwhile at the time. A year later many of them have never been used or almost never used. Get them off your hard drive now. You could store some of them on flash drives or even external hard drives if you feel that you really must. Get them off your hard drive and open up gigabytes of room. Doing just this will speed up the computer quite noticeably. You can also check out my website where you will find tons of information about fixing slow running computer.Slow computer

Monday, August 3, 2009

Registry Repair Will Fix Your Slow Computer

A common cause of registry errors is improper system shutdown. This this may result from a power failure while the computer is running or could or from a system crash. While your computer runs, the windows registry is in the memory to give quick access. If you make changes to the registry while the computer runs these changes will be copied to the hard drive when the computer is shut down. An improper shutdown will interfere with this process and will leave bad entries in the registry or may damage some registry files.

Some other possible causes of registry problems are incomplete software installation or uninstallation, outdated drivers, incorrect file/program associations, and malware or spyware entries or codes. Many registry errors will not display an error message and will not shut down the computer. They work more slowly, affecting your system in a hardly noticeable manner. They may cause slow down of your computer and you could have problems while running programs or in use of some of the hardware which has incorrect registry entries.

The only way to solve these problems is to clean the registry and remove all unwanted material from it. This is best done by using a registry repair utility which can be downloaded from the internet. We tested a number of these and found that perfornmance varied greatly. The program which we found to be far the best was REGEASY which found and removed up to 50% more errors than some other programs.This is the program which we chose to install on our own computers and we use it regularly to keep the computer running smoothly.You can get a free scan from REGEASY to correct registry errors. Check out our website for lots of free info and resources on registry cleaning REGISTRY REPAIR