Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Restore Your Windows XP Registry

You may need to restore your windows XP registry for a number of reasons.

Common reasons are:

1.To repair registry problems caused by a new program install or uninstall.

2.To fix bad registry entries resulting from a system or software crash.

3.To remove registry entries placed there by spyware,adware or other malware.

4.To correct changes made in error during a manual registry edit.

5.To restore the registry after a problem caused by a registry scan and repair.

Restoring Your Windows XP Registry

How you will restore your registry depends on the method used to backup the registry.Common meth ods are:

Registry Editor (REGEDIT)

Registry backups can be made using using the Registry Editor installed on your computer. To backup the registry using REGEDIT several steps are necessary:

A.Click on START->Run->type Regedit->click OK .
B.In the REGEDIT window click on File and then click on Export.
C.Type the name of your backup file in the File box.
D.Go to the Export range section, click on All to back up the complete registry or you can backup a selected part of the registry by choosing the Selected branch choice and typing the branch you need to backup in the box.
E.Click on Save and save your backup as a .reg file in the location you specify.
F.To restore your registry via this backup, go to the .reg file you want to restore and double-click on it. Click on Yes to confirm the selection. This method of backup and restore is very useful but it does not reverse any changes you may have made after the backup. It only reverses the entries that are in the .reg file.

Registry Repair Applications

Registry repair applications are an easy method of registry backup and restore. Good registry repair programs will backup the registry before carrying out any changes to it. They will then scan the registry and edit out errors and unecessary files.

Most registry repair tools have a button which will backup the complete registry to a file. To restore the registry you click on the restore button, find this file and restore the registry.

The advantage of making use of a registry repair tool is that they are very simple to use and you need know nothing about the registry to use them.

XP System Restore

System Restore is a component of Windows XP that makes regular logs of your registry, operating system, and configuration settings. If you have serious system problems, you can restore the system to a point at which it was working properly simply by selecting a time in System Restore. System Restore is continually at work on on the Windows XP system. The utility keeps records of your system every day. You can thus go back at any time to a point at which the computer was operating properly.

Use XP System Restore

1.Click on START-> All Programs-> Accessories-> System Tools-> System Restore.
2.Go to Select a Restore Point, click on Restore my computer to an earlier time and click NEXT.
3.Choose the date you want to restore your system to, and click on Next.
4.On Confirm Restore Point Selection, confirm the date then click on NEXT to begin the restoration.
5.The system will revert to exactly the way it was at the time you selected.

It is vitally important to keep your registry in good working order. It is the heart of your system and if it is running poorly your computer will run slow and will freeze and sometimes crash. The simplest and best way to do this is to install a registry repair application and use it regularly to keep your registry in top condition. There are a number of registry repair tools available for download on the internet. we tested most of them and found that while they will all do the job some are clearly better than others.The application we found to be by far the best was REGEASY which found up to 50% more errors than some of the others. REGEASY is a superior registry repair tooland is the one we have installed on our own computers. You can get a free scan from REGEASY to correct registry errors and we recommend this very good application.
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