Monday, July 18, 2011

My Computer Runs Slow And Freezes Sometimes

Old age is a shipwreck as Charles Degaulle once said. It creeps up on us over time. It happens with computers also but the reasons are quite different. You notice that your computer has become slow running. You simply ignore the problem for a time, but you finally realise that you just have do something to correct it. The sticker here is that you don't know what the problem is. What can you do about it?

Your registry is nearly always the cause of this problem. All windows computers since Windows 95 have incorporated a registry. This is a massive database of information which the operating system makes use of to run the computer and the programs you use. The longer the computer has been used, the more data has accumulated in the registry. The result is that as the computer ages the registry becomes very big and bloated with a massive load of files. Much of this accumulated data is likely to be outdated and no longer of any use. Much of it is bits and pieces of programs which were never completely uninstalled and various partial programs which you attempted to install with no success.Also included is spyware which some unknown entity installed on your hard drive, miscellaneous bits and pieces of files are also taking up space in the registry.

There is a simple way rid your computer of all this burden of junk in its registry. A registry cleaner program will run a free scan of your computer and find what problems are there. You get a complete report on these problems with no charge. You can then think about what should be done. You can manually remove the junk yourself. A function called Regedit is installed on windows computers justfor this purpose. It is quite easy to do. Just look through the list of registry entries and then delete the entries you don't want. It is just that simple to do this job.

If you are unable to do this yourself, the registry cleaner application will perform the work for you, for a reasonable charge. If you decide to do it yourself be very careful indeed. The registry is the working heart of the computer and contains a essential files which must never be removed. You could disable the computer completely or prevent programs from running if you remove essential files. Unless you know what is really necessary and what is removable do not try to remove entries from the registry. Rather use the registry cleaner which will do the job quickly and safely.

A registry cleaner application first will backup the registry to enable restoration should it become necessary. It will then check through the registry and remove unnecessary files,worthless shortcuts,never used drivers, and much more including any spyware that is present. It will tune up your registrymake, make it clean and efficient and smooth running once more. Your computer will now be running along as good as when it was new.

The first thing is to obtain a free scan of your computer to find what problems are present. Many registry cleaner applications can be found on the internet. We have used many of them. There is definitely a good,better and best although they all do the job.The exception is some rogue programs which are actually spyware and can take over your computer. We found one good application that was best of all in ease of use, safety and top performance.

Do you want a free scan of your computer, with no obligation, to show you exactly what problems are presnt ? We recommend that you try the best registry cleaner that we tested. Check it out now: REGEASY

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