Sunday, July 31, 2011

Computer Freezes And Is Slow--Is This A Hard Drive Problem?

Your hard drive obviously is one of the most important parts of your computer. All of your data including the operating system and the programs you use are installed on the hard drive.

When you encounter a serious hard drive problem your computer will not run well, and in some circumstances it may not run at all. There are applications available for download from the internet, and also applications loaded in your computer, which will check your hard drive for problems and then will remove them very effectively.

Some utilities loaded in your computer include 1. Disk cleanup 2. Disc defragmenter and 3.Error checker Tool.

In time and with usage, files which are stored on the hard drive become fragmented with the result that various parts of these files are written to different parts of the hard drive. The disk defragmenter locates these fragmented files, and puts them together so that the whole file is located at one part of the hard drive. This will speed up access to these files. The fragmented data if left as is, greatly increases the amount of work necessary, which puts a heavy load on the drive and may possibly cause damage to it.

To keep file fragmentation to a minimum and correct it when it occurs the Disk Defragmenter application should be run regularly, in order to to maintain the hard drive in good working order. The disk Defragmenter can be found by clicking START->ALL PROGRAMS->ACESSORIES->SYSTEM TOOLS->DISK DEFRAGMENT.

The Disc Cleanup application will remove temporary internet files and program setup files from the hard disc. This frees up a lot of hard drive space and helps the computer run more efficiently. You can find DISC CLEANUP by clicking on START->ALL PROGRAMS->ACCESSORIES->SYSTEM TOOLS->DISC CLEANUP. This application helps keep your computer efficient and smooth running.

Error Checker scans the hard disc for errors in the file system as well as for bad sectors on the hard disc. You can access ERROR CHECKER by clicking on START then on MY COMPUTER, next RIGHT click on the hard disc volume you have selected to run error checker on. Next click on PROPERTIES.Then on the Tools tab click CHECK NOW in the ERROR CHECKING section. Then in the CHECK DISC dialog box click on SCAN FOR AND ATTEMPT RECOVERY OF BAD SECTORS and then click START. This can take some time while it checks a large hard drive to locate bad sectors.

Most manufacturers provide downloads of utilities to check the hard drive for any problems. If you still have a slow computer after doing all these things the problem is probably located elsewhere.

A very likely reason for a slow running computer is a swollen and corrupted registry. Actually a huge data bank, the registry contains the files which are used by the operating system to run the computer, and a lot of other information in addition. With considerable usage of the computer, over a period of some time, many data fragments accumulate in the registry. This is a problem which is present in all windows computers and there is really no way to prevent it unfortunately.

A corrupted registry slows down the operating system in locating the files used during the running of the machine. This has the serious effect of slowing down operation of the machine, and can result in crashing and freezing as well. The way to solve this problem is the use of registry repair software which is downloadable online.

Quality registry cleaners provide a free scan, to find out if you in fact do have a registry problem. You can then study results provided by this scan and decide whether or not to repair your registry, by removing the excess data.

We ran tests on a number of registry repair tools and determined that while they all do the registry repair job, some of these applications were considerably better than others. One utility found up to 50% more errors on average than did some of the other registry repair tools and was clearly a superior application. This program was REGEASY and we recommend that you should use this windows reg cleaner.

You should not attempt to manually edit your registry unless you are very computer savvy and know exactly what you are doing. Many entries which are vital for running the computer are located in the registry, and if by mistake you remove one of these you may totally disable your computer and it will not run anymore. Be sure to do your registry repair work the safe way by using a quality registry cleaner tool to perform the work easily and safely.

You can have have a completely free scan from REGEASY to correct registry errors. Would you like to speed up your slow running computer and return it to good working order by using the best registry repair tool? For free information go to our website.

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  1. a messed up registry is one of the most common causes of computer slowdown. Frequent cleaning registry clean up will ensure faster computer performance although this may need professional computer help to be accomplished.