Monday, August 3, 2009

Registry Repair Will Fix Your Slow Computer

A common cause of registry errors is improper system shutdown. This this may result from a power failure while the computer is running or could or from a system crash. While your computer runs, the windows registry is in the memory to give quick access. If you make changes to the registry while the computer runs these changes will be copied to the hard drive when the computer is shut down. An improper shutdown will interfere with this process and will leave bad entries in the registry or may damage some registry files.

Some other possible causes of registry problems are incomplete software installation or uninstallation, outdated drivers, incorrect file/program associations, and malware or spyware entries or codes. Many registry errors will not display an error message and will not shut down the computer. They work more slowly, affecting your system in a hardly noticeable manner. They may cause slow down of your computer and you could have problems while running programs or in use of some of the hardware which has incorrect registry entries.

The only way to solve these problems is to clean the registry and remove all unwanted material from it. This is best done by using a registry repair utility which can be downloaded from the internet. We tested a number of these and found that perfornmance varied greatly. The program which we found to be far the best was REGEASY which found and removed up to 50% more errors than some other programs.This is the program which we chose to install on our own computers and we use it regularly to keep the computer running smoothly.You can get a free scan from REGEASY to correct registry errors. Check out our website for lots of free info and resources on registry cleaning REGISTRY REPAIR


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