Sunday, July 26, 2009

Computer Slow And Freezing--It's Very Bad News

Old age creeps up on us all and we slow down. It happens with computers to but for much different reasons. Your computer has become slow. After ignoring the problem for some time you finally realise that you must do something about it. But you don't know what the problem is. How can you solve this problem>?

Nearly always your registry is the problem. All windows computers since Windows 95 have a registry. It is a database which the operating system uses to run the computer and run the programs you are using. The more the computer is used,the more data is compiled in this database. Hence as the computer ages the registry can become very large and bloated with a huge load of data. Much of this data can be outdated,no longer used. A lot more is parts of programs which were never completely uninstalled and partial programs which you tried to install without success. Spyware which some unknown villain installed on your machine, miscellaneous scraps of data from many sources are also clogging your registry.

What I have for you is a simple way to get rid of all this unwanted junk in your registry. A program known as a registry cleaner will automatically run a free scan of your computer and determine what the problems are. You will receive a report on these problems free of charge. You can then decide what you want to do. You can go into the registry and manually remove the excess material yourself. A function called regedit is installed on all windows computers. You can edit the registry yourself using this. It is very easy to do. Just look at the list of registry entries and delete the ones you want to get rid of. It is that simple.

If you do not have enough knowledge to do this job,the registry cleaner application can do it for you,for a reasonable fee. Be very careful if you want to do it yourself. The registry is the heart of your computer and contains a lot of essential items which must not be removed. To remove some of these may disable the computer or prevent some programs from running. Unless you have enough computer know how to know what is necessary and what is not do not attempt to remove entries from your registry. Instead use the registry cleaner application which will do the job properly and safely.

A registry cleaner application will first backup your registry so that it can be restored if necessary. It will then systematically go through the registry and remove all unnecessary files,useless shortcuts,unused drivers, and many more items including spyware. It will make your registry clean and efficient again and totally tune it up. Your computer will be galloping along and as good as new.

Your first step is to get a free scan of your computer to determine what the problems are. There are many registry cleaner applications available on the internet. We have tried most of them. There is a good,better and best although they all do the job. We found one that topped them all in ease of use,safety and performance.

Want a free no obligation scan of your computer to show you exactly what your problems are? Try the best registry cleaner that we have tested. Check it out here:
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