Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Should I Try Cleaning The Registry Myself?

When your computer registry is swollen with a load of excess material, which is uneccessary, this will result in your computer slowing down greatly. You will find that you have slow boot up, slow surfing and freezing. The occasional complete crash may also result.

The only thing to do is to fix your registry problems by cleaning out the unwanted data. This one step alone will greatly improve your computer's performance. The next big question now is how to go about finding the best registry fix. There are various programs available on the internet, for download, which will perform this work for you quickly and easily. We tested six of the most used registry repair applications and reported the results on our website. You can also get a free scan to find what your problems are. Then you can decide if you need registry repair software.

You can, if you wish, fix a corrupt registry yourself by manually removing the unwanted data. If you have a very good knowledge of computers and what should and should not remain in the registry you should have no problem in doing this. However most average computer owners have little idea at all of what an unwanted entry may be. Randomly editing out data can have disastrous results. Your computer could be totally disabled or some programs may not run.

Unless you know very well what you are doing we suggest that you should not try to do this yourself. The relatively small cost of having the job done safely with a Windows registry repair utility is definitely worth while rather than taking the risk of serious and irreversible errors. The best registry cleaners can perform the task quickly and safely. We found that REGEASY was the best registry repair tool in our tests. We suggest that you should first of all get a free scan to determine what problems you may have. This scan will work for all Windows versions including Windows 95,Windows 98,Windows Me,Windows 2000, Windows 2000 Professional,Windows XP,Windows XP Professional,and Windows Vista. Just click REGEASY:


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