Tuesday, May 19, 2009

How Is Your Computer Working?

Are you happy with the performance of your computer? The answer to that question probably depends on a lot of things. If it is a brand new fast dual core computer with lots of memory it probably runs really well and you are happy with it. If it is a couple of years old, or more, chances are you are having some problems and you are not happy. What was a fast smooth running computer when you first got it may now be slow as molasses and giving you lots of problems.

You have probably loaded lots of programs and data onto your hard drive and it could be approaching its limit for storage. The best thing you can do there is just to go to the list of programs installed and uninstall all the stuff you don't use. If you haven't looked at the list lately you will be surprised at all the things in there that you really don't need. Be sure to use the program uninstall feature on your computer. Simply deleting icons from the desktop will not do the job.

You may be short on memory also. Many activities these days need a lot of memory to work properly. If you have less than 1 gigabyte of RAM you are in need of additional memory. Memory sticks are quite cheap now so it will not cost you an arm and a leg to add another gigabyte or two. If you are not competent to do the job most computer repair shops will do it for a small fee.

Your registry may also be causing problems.This is the most prevalent cause of slow running in most cases. With long use the registry simply becomes choked with an overload of data. Much of this is completely useless stuff left behind by various programs which you no longer use. The only safe way to correct this is to download a registry cleaner tool from the internet to edit out the uneccessary data. Don't try to do it manually or you may disable the computer by removing some necessary entries. We have found REGEASY to be a very efficient and easy way to keep our computer registry lean and efficient. You can get a free scan from REGEASY to correct registry errors. Why not give it a try.Your computer will thank you for it and will keep you happy by running smoothly and much faster.

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