Saturday, August 13, 2011

My Computer Runs Slow --What Can I Do About It?

Nearly everything seems to develop problems of some sort as it ages. Most human beings find themselves slowing down and becoming a bit cranky as they get older.  Computers seem to have much the same symptoms, as they age. Computers slow down in operating speed, and tend to freeze or even crash as they age. You can ignore this problem for only so long and then it becomes obvious that the computer is acting so badly that you must do something to correct the it. At this point you realise that the cause of these errors is unknown, which makes it difficult to find a solution.

One thing is fairly certain however; if you are running a Windows copmputer the problem is nearly always to be found in the registry. The registry is a massive database of files, which are used by the operating system to run the computer. Over a period of time as the computer is used, excess files and data fragments accumulate here. The registry will be very large, and bloated with an excess of data. A lot of this data is old and no longer of use. Much of it is programs which were not completely uninstalled, and parts of programs which were not fully installed. Assorted scraps of data and spyware are also likely to be hogging space in the registry.

Fortunately there is an easy way to remove this unwanted material. A registry cleaner application will perform a free scan of your computer, and find out what problems you actually have. You can take a look at the report provided, and make the decision as to what course you will take. You can attempt to manually remove the unwanted files. All windows computers have the Regedit function installed for this purpose. Regedit is easy to use, and using this you can delete the files you do not want in the registry.

If you are unable to do this,the registry repair tool will do it,for a reasonable fee. Take great care if you try to do the clean-up yourself. The registry contains many essential files which must never be removed. Accidental removal of any of these can completely disable the computer. Unless you really know what files are necessary and which are not do not try removing data from the registry. It is much wiser to use the registry cleaner tool which can do this safely.

The registry repair program will first do a complete backup of the registry. Then it will edit the registry and take out the unnecessary files, worthless shortcuts, never used drivers, and much more. Your registry will be made lean and efficient once more. The computer will operate properly at top speed just as it used to do.

There are many registry repair tools available online. We tested most of the popular downloads. They can all do the job but some are much better than others. Our tests found that REGEASY was the best of them all for ease of use, safety and good performance. You can find out more about it at our website

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