Saturday, April 18, 2009

Windows Registry Repair--Fix Your Slow Computer

All windows operated computers have what is known as a registry. It is very important to keep the registry in good condition for optimum PC performance. The windows registry, to put it simply, is a huge information database which contains all the data files required to run your computer.The operating system makes continuous use of this database as you use the machine. This makes the registry one of the busiest areas in your computer.

Over a period of time as the computer is used many pieces of unwanted data will accumulate in the registry. This is unavoidable and happens in every Windows computer. This unwanted data is a result of incomplete downloading of programs or incomplete uninstallation. This leaves miscellaneous fragments of data files in the registry.

There may be unused drivers,useless shortcuts,spyware, adware and much more assorted junk. This accumulation of data clogs and chokes the registry making it difficult for the operating system to find the data it needs at run the computer. The registry becomes full of errors which causes symptoms such as slow running,freezing and even complete crashing occasionally.

The generally poor performance becomes very annoying and is obvious at some point that something has to be done about it. The registry must be cleaned of all the excess material and returned to good condtion. Fortunately there is a simple way to do this.

Registry repair applications can be downloaded from the internet. A good registry cleaner program will first offer you a free scan to determine if there are problems in your registry. It will report these problems to you and you can then use the repair part of the application to correct this if you wish to do so. The registry cleaner will then make a backup of the registry and will go through your registry and edit out all unecessary material.

Your computer will quickly be returned to operating fast and smoothly as it did when it was new. There are a number of registry cleaner applications available and we purchased and tested the most popular ones. We found a considerable variation in performance and ease of use. The best program was REGEASY which found about 50% more errors than some of the others and corrected them easily and quickly. Needless to say REGEASY is the application which we installed for use on our own computers. We run it at regular intervals and keep the registry in good condition and the computer running smoothly. Check out our website for lots of free information and resources:

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  1. If your problem is run time errors then you can use registry clean download facility because that can removes all window registry errors and invalid entries by scanning your whole system and that can optimize your PC.